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Early Art

Immigrating the American Dream

Blurring the boundaries between the American Dream and immigration. With the white picket fence that prevents some people from achieving this dream.

Consumer Takeover

Consumerism is not just taking over all of our lives but is taking us out of nature and into stores.

Violin Explosion

A three dimensional twist on a stereotypical Pablo Picasso.


This one of the series of four represents being caged in and blocked from the flight you want to take.

Breaking Free

This one represents breaking away from that trapped feeling and trying to reach full flight.

Reaching Dreams

One of the four in the series representing flight. This one particularly represents reaching the freedom and taking off towards your dreams.


This one in the series is the beginning flight and taking off towards from your boundaries.

Warped Reality

This piece represents the confusion we all face in our reality. Trying to make a hard decision and how it will affect our current life.

Money Bags

This blurs the lines of success and greed. We all want money but how far will most people go to get it. The shameful acts that people overlook once greed kicks in.

Love Hate Relationship

Is the happiness couples show on the front the reality of their relationship? Or is there more than what they show on the surface.


This shows the stress of applying to colleges taking tests and the toll that it can take on a person.

Artifical Intelligence

This shows that our brains are being emerged and taken over by computers. Its like our brains and computers are slowly merging into one.

Sunset Flowers
Monsters In My Closet

This shows all the irrational fears of the monsters that lie within our own closets.

Jewlery Box

The place where all women keep their treasures and some of their most prized possessions.


We all have questions that we try so hard to find answers for but sometimes they seem to get lost in what feels like an abyss of answers.

Ashes to Ashes

Everything that lives eventually comes to an end.

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